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Working From Home

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

As A Small Business Owner

In June 2020 I was asked if I would like to write an article for a local community magazine launch and of course, I jumped at the chance and said yes and I thought I would share it with you to encourage anyone wanting to start up a small business and to work through any challenges that come your way and not give up. This is the article -

As of this month, July 2020, it will be two years since I started my own small business, and began working from home. There have been many times that I have wanted to pack it all in and give up, but I didn't - I really wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. So far, it's travelling along quite well. I'd like to share some tips and tricks on how I've made it work for me.

I have found it helpful to keep to a routine, and not allow home's distractions to get in the way. A sign on the office door, saying 'working from home, do not disturb", or "on a video call", has been helpful in minimising distractions.

I would suggest treating working at home as if you were heading out physically to an office. Your working hours may be from 9 to 5 - I would suggest sticking to those hours by setting a timer on your phone. Having a "finish time" is beneficial, otherwise, you may find yourself working extra hours. Also, remember to take breaks throughout the day - plan a lunch and tea break. Most importantly, remember to exercise - stand up and stretch, go for a walk, enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air. I'd also suggest you don't take any longer than your allocated break time. Enjoy your break, and then get back to work. Keep to a routine!

Networking when working from home is a must. It gets you out of your home office and allows for time to interact with and meet people. Networking is important as it keeps you in touch with people who are also small business owners, just like you. Be consistent and build rapport and relationships with people. This helps to build trust with other business owners and will expand your business networks.

Working from home can leave you feeling isolated at times, but remember that help is always available to you. If you are stuck on some things and not sure what to do, utilise your network and friendships, and ask for help. Don't be embarrassed if you don't know the answer to everything. When you are running your own business, you are always learning as you go.

All in all, having your own small business and working from home has many challenges. It can be lonely, but when implementing some of the tips and tricks, you may find it easier, and even enjoyable! So keep at it, don't give up, and have fun!

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