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Updated: Jun 1, 2023


Have you ever done a Business Health Check? Whether you are an existing business or a new business, doing a Business Health Check should be on your to-do list.

A Business Health Check is a great way to check on your business performance, goals, what your business's strong and weak points are, and business viability.

Using the SMART analogy you can break down areas of your business and review them.

S – Specific M – Measurable A – Achievable R – Relevant T – Timely

Other areas to review when doing your Business Health Check are:

  • Financials

  • Business growth

  • Goals

  • Your mental health

  • Workplace safety

  • Business processes & procedures

I did my first Business Health Check recently with the assistance of a professional agency. As I have been an established business for over 4 years, and with a new year fast approaching, I wanted to put into place an achievable Business Plan for 2023 and a Business Health Check was the first step.

My first step was contacting an agency that was referred to me and making an appointment. A zoom call was arranged and my Business Health Check was about to being! In the meeting, I was asked a variety of questions, similar to the points above about my business, what I do, my experience, my goals, where I would like to see the business in the future, and more! The whole process took three hours to go through everything. The advisor was very helpful, providing me with great ideas for growing my business even further, and also mentioned rebranding my business, in a slightly different direction.

At the completion of the Business Health Check, my business was rated to see how it is performing overall and I’m happy to say it is doing better than I thought it was.

Now that I have completed my first well overdue Business Health Check, I have new goals for 2023, which I will be implementing with a couple of changes to maximize growing my business.

If you have already completed your 2023 Business Health Check and one of your Goals is to grow your business, without spending too much time and money working IN your business, then let's catch up in person or via a zoom video call, to discuss how I can help you work ON your business in 2023, by contacting me now and let’s kick start 2023 with a bang!

“I am an Australian Owned Certified & Local Business”

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