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Hi, I'm Sandra

A little bit about me. I am the Owner of the Sunflower Factory Business Support Specialist


I have over 38+ years of working experience in the corporate world of Mining, Oil & Gas, Local Government and the Private sector, in various positions - Administration, Supervisor, Procurement & Purchasing.


I have also been lucky to have the opportunity to travel overseas for work, learn more about different cultures and see some beautiful scenery.  ​


With all this wealth of business knowledge and experience that I have gained in my working career, I incorporated into the Sunflower Factory Business Support Specialist, which I started on 1st July 2018.  Helping others is something that I enjoy and seeing people relax and not as stressed when they know they don't have to do all the work themselves, makes me happy.  It also enables me to help and assist business owners to reach their goals like more Business Growth, Clients & Customers.​

I am always learning and updating my skills/knowledge and also enjoy attending networking groups around Perth and connecting & learning from others, who are skilled in a similar area of work.

I also have a couple of other small businesses which I love doing.  I started my Genealogy interest around 2010 or maybe earlier, after being interested to know how far back a heredity medication condition went, and I have been building and growing my Family Tree ever since, as well as doing Family Trees for other families. 

I am also a Senior Nutrimetics Consultant after joining in August 2020 and operate under the business name

of My Natural Beauty Essence - Nutrimetics and as you probably can see I also love Sunflowers!