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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

who are my clients and what work do I do for them?

In my Business Services Services work, I have a vast variety of clients I work with. Clients like Settlement Agents, Cleaning Companies, Business Coaches, Photographers, Real Estates Agents, Shop Product Sales Representatives, Manual Handling Training Practitioners, Holiday Apartments, and others.

My clients all have different work requirements some can be short term and some are long-term clients. I also love having a variety of work with each business, rather than doing the same repetitive task all the time, every day!

Some of the tasks can range from Social Media Marketing Management, e-Newsletters, WIX Websites, and managing Administration.

With one client, the Administration person was retiring and I had to meet with them to learn a whole new system as it was an Access Database that they had built and set up themselves many years ago. Over time I have updated and changed this system to a QuickBooks Accounting system. This was a huge task as I also had to match and balance invoices that were in the old system and bring them across to the new system. I also had to find invoices in their filing system and attached them to invoices in QuickBooks, which enable me to balance the books and do their end of financial year reconciliation. I also received some lovely feedback from this NFP organization thanking me for the work that I have done for them, which is very rewarding.

Another client didn't have the time to research, compile then send out multiple newsletters for their business, therefore outsourcing this work to me to do for them, has allowed them more time to concentrate and grow their business. I even had a client ask if I could revamp their husband's resume, which was great, so they now have a more modern executive style resume to use and I have added Resume to my list of Services!

Some of my clients have multiple businesses and don't get the time to always work on them all, as one of my clients is a photographer. By taking over the marketing side of things they can now concentrate on their main business.

As mentioned earlier, each business has different requirements and I love working with them all, even my past and repeated clients have been great to work with.

No matter what business you are in, outsourcing some of your work which can be time-consuming for you is beneficial.

Contact the Sunflower Factory Business Services Specialist for more information by sending an email to

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