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Benefits of outsourcing work, especially to a Virtual Business Assistant

Many businesses do not realise the benefits they can get when they outsource work to a Virtual Assistant, a company known as a VA.

When a business outsources to a VA, they are gaining more TIME to do the things that they need to do and to work ON their business rather than IN their business! Clients and Customers will also benefit, as you will have the time to talk to them. Another benefit is that the business owner - that's 'YOU' will get more ME time for yourself and your family.

Just imagine not having to pay all the costs associated with hiring an employee, like an office space or equipment, stationery, holiday & sick leave and taxes, which decreases your profit margin, whereas, with a VA, you don't have all these associated costs. NO additional costs, how does that sound?

A VA works 'virtually' mainly from their home office and some are also mobile, where if needed they can come out to your workplace for a couple of hours to do some work.

Actually, with a VA being 'virtual' they can work anywhere, even by the beach, but our client work is always our priority as long as we have our laptops/mobile.

A VA works with you and your business; you become our 'client'. Sometimes there is a misconception that our clients think that a VA is their employee when in fact we are not. You are our CLIENT!

VA's like myself are always keeping our business knowledge and skills up-to-date by learning and updating our skills and knowledge, so our clients can be assured that they are also getting top quality work.

There is no right or wrong when working with an overseas VA. However working with an Australian VA, like 'Sunflower Factory Virtual Business Assistant', you will also get that personal touch. There is no time difference, a better understanding of the local market, less training is likely and a physical presence and more of an entrepreneurial mindset, and like my business which is also Australian Certified Registered, you are supporting an Australian owned local business. Being a local Perth VA, I can meet up over a coffee with a potential new client to discuss their work requirements or I set a Zoom Video call with them.

VA's also have a contract that clients must sign before any work is commenced. This Contract Agreement covers Scope of Work, Confidentiality, Pricing and more.

There are over 300+ tasks that a Virtual Assistant can do.

Click HERE to download a list I compiled of '20 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant'.

If you are interested to know more or to outsource some work, please contact me at

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