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What is a Business Support Specialist (VA)?

A Business Support Specialist (VA), is a freelance, home-based administrative assistant / online business contractor, who can help you with your business work from their own home or at a shared office workspace. This field of work has also become more mainstream, in recent years, due to the use of video conferencing calls, like Skype, What's App, Messenger etc. This allows both the Business Support Specialist (VA) and the Business Owner to have face to face contact when required for meetings. Dropbox is also used to share documents & files, which is more efficient than sending them via email.


Confidentiality is important for my work?

Business Support Specialists (VAs) take the confidentiality of their client work seriously and most will have a Confidentiality Clause in their Service Agreement.  This protects both 'You' as the Client and also them as the "Service Provider".


Why outsource to a Business Support Service (VA)?

When you outsource to a Business Support Service (VA), you are giving yourself more time to concentrate directly on your business.  Time for your Clients and Customers and business growth and less time working on the computer!


Is a Business Support Specialist (VA) expensive?

A Business Support Specialist (VA) is 'not' expensive and will save you money, compared to employing more staff/employees. This is because you don't have to provide office space, equipment, stationery, and all other costs associated with a hiring a full-time or part-time person.

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